10 Tips for Minimizing IP Dispute Settlement Costs

Read 10 tips for minimizing IP dispute settlement costs

In WIPO Magazine 1/2010 from February 2010 there is an article "Keep it cheap; Ten Tips for Minimizing IP Dispute Settlement Costs" with a list of 10 tips to companies.

The tips are,

1. Think carefully before entering an IP dispute
2. Identify the best and worst possible outcomes of the dispute
3. Keep accurate, up-to-date and accessible business records
4. Seek specialist advice
5. Keep control of the decision-making process
6. Talk to your representative about likely and actual costs
7. Remember that your IP representatives are not a clerical service 
8. Watch the calendar, watch the clock
9. Act in a firm, consistent manner
10. Don’t turn a business dispute into a matter of principle 

The whole article is available from here.


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