Register your rights

A company should patent its inventions and register its trademarks and designs - in all relevant markets. 

By protecting the rights of the company, it becomes easier to prove these rights and thereby easier to prove that the company’s products are being counterfeited or pirated. 

In addition, Danish customs authorities do not detain suspicious shipments at the EU border, if the products are only suspected of infringing unregistered trademarks and designs. However, Customs may detain products which infringes copyrights even though such rights cannot be registrered in Denmark. 

The rights of a company should not only be registered in the markets where they are being produced or marketed, but also in areas of transit. It is also important to register rights in places where counterfeits are expected to be produced or sold. 

On the website of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office, you can find information on how to protect inventions, trademarks, and designs in Denmark.



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