Notification of the customs authorities about new infringers, new trends etc.

EU customs authorities have, in cooperation with the European Commission (DG TAXUD) and rights holders, developed two forms in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy

One form, "Red Alert", gives the rights holders the possibility to privide quick information to the customs authorities of a potential infringer, a shipment containing potential counterfeited or pirated goods etc.

The second form, "New Trends", gives rights holders the possibility of informing the customs authorities of new fraud patterns, possible new cargo routes, transit routes etc. of possible counterfeited goods.

The two forms (in English) can be used by rights holders and forwarded to the relevant customs authorities.

In Denmark, the forms must be sent to; SKAT, Task Force Varemærkeforfalskning, Sluseholmen 8B, 2450 København SV, email:, fax: +45 72 37 11 50.

Forms and lists of contact points to the customs authorities of each Member States can be found here.


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