Guides to IPR-enforcement in other countries

European countries

EU has - in connection with the IPeuropAware project - made a number of facilities available to assist small and medium size companies in their innovation and protection of their intellectual property rights. There is link to InnovAccess here.

UK Intellectual Property Office has made a best practice-guide to companies. It can be found here.

On the Swiss Anti-Counterfeiting and Piracy Platform there is also a best pratice-guide to companies. It can be found here.


BASCAP updated its IP Guidelines for Businesses in  2011.

The Danish Trade Council has published in formation on trade issues in China on

EU has established a helpdisk for SMEs concerning IPR matters in relatio to China. The China IPR Helpdesk provides practical business oriented guidance to companies working in China.

Further information on IPR enforcement in China is available on the following websites;

IPR2 EU-China: project website, for instance under rules and regulations

Innovation Center Denmark, Shanghai; Guide to IPR-protection in China.

US Embassy to China: IPR Toolkit.

Other countries

US Department of Trade provides on links to IPR-guides concerning Brazil, Brunei, Egypt, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

In the yearly publication "Anti-counterfeiting – A Global Guide" published by the World Trademark Review/IP Media Group and with support from ACG (Anti Counterfeiting Group), IACC (International Anti-counterfeiting Coalition) og WCO (World Customs Organization) you can obtain a fast overview of the IPR enforcement legislation i a long list of countries. The overview both contains a description of the customs actions as well as civil and criminal IPR legislation. 





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