Preventing fake medicines

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority is working together with the industry and other public authorities to prevent fake medicines from entering the legal supply chain in Denmark.

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority's Network on counterfeit medicines

The Danish Health and Medicines Authority has set-up a Network against fake medicines. The purpose of the Network is to prevent fake medicines from reaching the consumers. The Network consists of public authorities, professional organizations and representatives from all of the distribution chain. The network meets regularly and discusses issues related to fake medicines with the aim of taking initiatives both locally and interdisciplinarily to prevent fake medicines. Further information on the Network can be found at The Danish Health and Medicines Authority's website.

Guidance on the prevention of counterfeit medicines

A working group set up by the The Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s Network against fake medicines and comprising of representatives from the The Danish Health and Medicines Authority and relevant professional bodies in the area, has produced the guide "Guide to the Prevention of Counterfeit Medicines." The guide contains instructions for pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies on

The guide can be downloaded here

  The Danish Health and Medicines Authority's E-form for corporate reporting of fake medicines

Companies holding an authorisation pursuant to the Danish Medicines Act, section 7 and section 39, subsection 1, shall immediately report any findings of counterfeit medicines within the company to the Danish Medicines Agency (see Danish Medicines Act, section 43 b, subsection 2). For holders of an authorisation pursuant to section 7 and holders of an authorisation for the manufacturing of medicines, this requirement also includes any findings outside the company’s business, which may come to the company’s  attention. The reporting of such findings is done through an e-form available on The Danish Health and Medicines Authority's website.  

 The Danish Health and Medicines Authority's statistics on product defects and recalls of pharmaceutical products

In Denmark, we have discovered one potential case of fake medicine in the legal distribution chain. The case was form 2012 and concerned a batch of HIV medicine. Unfortunately, it was not possible to verify, if the batch was fake, as the pharmaceutical was used up. 

The full statistics on product defects and recalls of pharmaceutical products are aavailable here.

For more information on fake medicine, see The Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s website.

 Campaigns against fakes medicinesThe Danish Health and Medicines Authority has launced both a general campaign on purchase of medicine through the internet as well a campaign which is especially targetet at internet purchases of weight loss pills.


The general campaign on internet purchases of medicine is entitled "take case of yourself when you buy medicin through the internet!"

In general, counterfeit pharmaceuticals arrive in Denmark after being purchased though the internet. The Danish Health and Medicines Authority urges the consumers to take care of themselves when buying medicines through the internet and eg to buy it from the Danish internet pharmacies or in another shop with permittance to medicine on the internet.

The campaign video and good advice from the Danish Healt and Medicines Agency is available here.

Further information on fake medicines is available here on the website of the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.  

Further information on the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's efforts against counterfeit medicine can be found here.

The campaign spcifically targeted at the internet sale of weight loss pills is entitled "Take care of yourself - buy approved weight loss pills" and "The Internet is overflowing with harmful weight loss pills".  

The website of the campaign contains;

Many of the dangerous weight loss pills are counterfeits of genuine products. Weight loss pills, which are not approved by the authorities, can contain anything from lime and cement or too high doses of the active medical substance, to substances which are not declared on the package.

The website of this campaign can be found here. 





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