A patent is the protection of a technical solution – not the idea as such. For example, patent protection cannot be given to the idea of making wind shield wipers which do not leave streaks. However, patent protection may be awarded to the technical solution which solves the problem of streaks from wind shield wipers. 

Patent protection is obtained in Denmark by;

- applying for and receiving a Danish patent,

- applying for and receiving a patent in Europe (EPO), or

- applying for an international patent and seeking national protection in Denmark (PCT).

The protection of a patent lasts for up to 20 years starting from the date of the application. 

National patents and patents through the PCT (Patent Coorperation Treaty) with protection in Denmark are awarded by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Patents awarded by the EPO (European Patent Organization) may be protected in Denmark as a national patent if the holder submits proper documentation to the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

Find more information about patents on the website of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.


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