Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime

The Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK) was established in 1973. SØIK deals with cases concerning economic and international crime that are substantial in scale, are part of organized crime, is carried out by applying unique business practices or otherwise qualifies for special attention or is of comprehensive nature. SØIK is nationwide and organizationally placed under the Danish Director of Public Prosecutions.

SØIK consists of two sections; One section deals with most of the SØIK's criminal cases, which in addition to IPR cases includes tax fraud, investment fraud, violation of securities law, corruption, EU fraud and breaches of competition law. The second section deals with cases of money laundering, asset recovery and special international cases.

In order to create consistent and effective responses in the fight against IPR-crime a special visitation arrangement for such cases has been established in the Danish Director of Public Prosecutions Directive 5/2010. Under this system, SØIK should be informed about all initiated criminal cases, indictments and convictions. Cases where it is contemplated to give up futher prosecution shall always be submitted to SØIK for a prior opinion.

SØIK registers all cases and gathers case law concerning criminal prosecution of IPR-crime.

SØIK may also decide to investigate and prosecute a case itself or provide investigative and legal advice to a local police district.

Contact information for SØIK can be found through this link.

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